About Maison Savant

Maison Savant is an Outsider Art label, set up by Raymond Landegent. Raymond have been interested in Outsider Art since 2015 and nowadays he is promoting outsider art in different ways.

In 2015 he first visited Gallery Studio Herenplaats in Rotterdam, for a design collaboration with his shoe brand Mascolori. The first shoe was designed with Laan Irodjojo. His clear and happy way of painting caught his attention and the more he got to know about outsider art, the more interested he got.

By 2018, Maison Savant is an Outsider Art Label, for promoting this type of art in different ways. One of the ways is a graffiti project, which started in 2017. You can find WALL#1 in Rotterdam-West. WALL#2 & #3 will be executed in spring 2018.

To fund these walls, Maison Savant is selling numbered & signed art prints. In 2018 we also expect to add more products to the webshop, like clothing.

Hopefully you will enjoy outsider art, just like we do!

Contact us at info@maison-savant.com / +31642728542
Address: Rakstraat 21 / 3034RD Rotterdam / The Netherlands