Outsider/Street Art Wall #2

The Street Art Wall project is growing! In the weekend of 10 and 11th of March, Street Artist Marijn Gronert started with the second wall in our outdoor exhibition. The Rotterdam City Council gave Maison Savant the opportunity to add an artwork to the city center of Rotterdam. You can find the wall at the Lijnbaan 57, the busiest shopping street of Rotterdam.

For this wall we chose -in collaboration with the owners of the building- for an artwork of Edward Teeuw, one of the artists of Atelier Herenplaats and one of our favorite artists. You can read more about Edward here.

Oohw yeah, and a reminder: we sell art prints on our webshop to fund new walls!

This is the artwork we chose:

And this is Edward, posing for his portrait on the wall

This is the final result. We’re very happy with it!